FastSet™ All-Crete

High Performance Cement FastSet™ All-Crete™ is a dual purpose product. As a fluid grout meeting ASTM C 1107, it is used for the anchoring and grouting of anchor bolts, equipment, retrofitted reinforced steel column bases, bearing plates, precast concrete key ways and other installations that require high early and high ultimate strength. High Performance Cement FastSet™ All-Crete™ characteristics make it stable and capable of handling load transfers. As a repair material, the product meets ASTM C 928 R 3.

  • 20 – 45 minute set time
  • Can be mixed to a plastic, flowable, or fluid consistency
  • 1/4” to 24” (.635 cm to 61 cm) application thickness

Use to make partial depth or full depth repairs to roads, bridges, industrial floors, and other concrete surfaces.

Concrete repair applications:

  • Highways
  • Bridge Decks
  • Grouting
  • Floor leveling
  • Industrial Floors
  • Anchoring

Performance Cement FastSet™ All-Crete™ yields approximately 0.53 cu ft (15 L).

When used as a fluid grout a 55 lb (25 kg) bag of High

Size Availability
55 lb (25 kg) bags, 20 lb (9.1 kg) pails